The Villa in the Sky

“La Villa In Aria” (“The Villa in the Sky”) is set on the hills in front of the Appenine mountains in Lunigiana at the Northern tip of Tuscany in Italy. Mountains are the predominant theme here, as on a clear day the villa also has stunning views of the Apuan Alps, famous for white marble.

“La Villa In Aria” is available to rent as a holiday home, and painting courses are also held there during the spring, early summer and autumn.

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Yup, it’s definitely winter. . . brrr

There comes a time in the winter here that reminds me I’m not so far from England. It’s cold. Not Sweden cold, but cold. We’re due -4 next week. Handily though our place seems to be in a micro climate of its own. Villa-Franca, just down the road, seems to always be 5 degrees colder. Apparently it’s something to do with the river. On my drive down there yesterday my car thermometer neatly told me that it was 0 degrees as I left home and a parky -5 as I arrived in V-F. Nonetheless, it’s cold enough up here and we are munching through the painstakingly bespoke firewood at an alarming rate.

Tomorrow night Carnivale kicks off, let’s hope that can warm us all up a bit!