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24th October: ‘Culture in Villa’

It feels like I have culture coming out of my ears at the moment, not that that’s a bad thing and the news today of the kick off of an event called ‘Culture in Villa’ is ensuring that never again will I have a boring Saturday.

Starting tonight, the program of events will continue until March 1st. The events seem varied but all are on a literary theme, from the presentation of ‘Ties in Time’ the short stories of Manola Pieruccioni and Carla Querci, to a discussion about ‘The Villages of Massa: A Mountain of Routes’ by Angela M. Fruzzetti and Mark Marando.

All events are taking place at the nineteenth century Villa Schiff. As well as boasting classically beautiful architecture, the white marble villa also has beautiful grounds that are open to the public for post event strolls.

18th October: How to Covertly Get Kids Interested in Museum Culture

Last week I posted about Museoland, a program of events for children taking place in museums across La Spezia. After taking a friends kids along to the Saturday event I can attest that 1. it kept them completely occupied 2. it entertained them and 3. it educated them. So all in all it was a success.

Tomorrow they’re putting on a special Halloween event at La Spezia’s Ethnographic Museum called ‘The Night Owl’. The event will celebrate magic, mythical legends, nocturnal animals and all things spooky.

On Sunday there will be an event entitled ‘Captain Nastero Ahoy!’ an entertaining look at the famous pirate in which children will be encouraged to recreate the pirates high jinks and make their very own raid logbooks.

All of a sudden, helping out with the kids doesn’t seem to be quite such a daunting prospect…

11th October: Something to Keep the Kids Happy

This weekend in La Spezia is ‘Museoland: The Museums of Children. The event, which is organised by the Institution of Cultural Services for La Spezia and the Cooperative Zoe, is designed to get kids interested in art and history using a series of interactive workshops and games across two museums, Museum Amedeo Lia and the Museum of the Castle of St Giorgio.

Tomorrow from 12-4pm at the Museo Amedeo Lia is the event ‘The game: A fun way to communicate’ where children will be challenged to find all the depictions of games that they can in sculpture and paintings on display and then a talk will be held about the symbolism and importance of play.

On Sunday, at the Museum of the Castle of St Giorgio, is a workshop in which children are encouraged to become ‘tomb detectives’ where they will investigate a skeleton found in 1889 and will be challenged to find out who the skeleton belonged to and what sort of life they led.

For more information or to book either workshop, email or


4th October: Giant Michelangelo statues

Tomorrow morning I’m being taken to the Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo as it’s open to the public from 8am till 1pm tomorrow as apparently I haven’t been on enough cultural misadventures recently.

The workshop in Carrara, is for young artists to study sculpture using the white marble mined nearby. On the open morning we’ll get a chance to look around the workshop and admire the art of some new artists as well as established names Maurizio Cattelan, Adel Abdessemed and Jan Fabre. We’ll also have a chance to look at the much debated replica of ‘David’ covered in tattoos.  

Here’s to hoping that I manage not to break anything…