Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 29th: Museo del Marmo

A local friend recommended a show at Museo del Marmo in Carrara called Apologia. As January continues to reign I did some research, finding out that Apologia is the last project of the 2013 season for Database Carrara; an organisation which seeks to give artists the opportunity to explore a “dream project” with no consideration given to commerciality. This exhibition is the culmination of three artist’s -Greta Alfaro, Juan Pablo Marcìas and Fabrizio Prevedello- 3 month residency in Carrara. With the local marble quarries in mind each artist interrogates mans relationship to nature through sculpture, film and writings. The show runs until February 15th.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

January 15th: New Year Enthusiasm

My New Year January enthusiasm has got me heading to the Teatro Comunale Ferdinando Quartieri in Bagnone for Eva Contro Eva tonight. The play is based on the book by Mary Orr who inspired the award winning 1950 film All About Eve (which had the first glimpses of the as yet unknown Marilyn Monroe). The theatre has been open since 2005 following a long period of disuse and as it is just down the road I feel as if showing my support is a good use for my enthusiasm. Even if it turns out to not quite be my kettle of fish I can return home, safe in the knowledge that my January energy has only another fortnight to run dry! The show is 2nd of five performances in the Neighbourhoods season running until March 9.