Monthly Archives: May 2014

14th May: Beans and Bees

This week we finally harvested the fava beans. It is such a labour intensive job for just beans- somehow the labour in vines seems more worthwhile when you get wine out of them (eventually!). But delicious as they are I’m happy to do the slaving. Especially when at the end of the day I know I can sit on the terrace with a glass of red and a handful of fresh beans. All in a days work eh?!

Last week we had ducklings arriving and now we have bees! Thousands of them! And I must say I have become a bit of a bee nerd. It’s not easy getting excited about the “brood”, the “waggle dance” or “balling” when you don’t have bees yourself but now I’m a regular apiarist. If you were to see me heading down to the hives in my hat and veil you might believe I knew what I was doing (or that I was heading to church..) but I actually am starting to! My most searched items on google no longer comprise of chinghiale/ deer/ fieana /bloody pests its now all about bees, stigma and scholz candy….and Newcastle United, obviously.

May 9th: Grass fight and new arrivals!

Very exciting arrivals this week, a pair of one week old ducklings! They seem to very happy in their new home- a cardboard box in the kitchen- and much calmer than I was expecting. Yesterday they spent a little time outside on the terrace with me admiring the view. They seem pretty stoked about their new surroundings.

The garden is suddenly going great guns, having had a rather wet week it’s starting to perk up. The broad (fava in Italy) beans are ready to be harvested, the onions are steaming along and the potatoes are poking their heads up. Sadly the other thing that is growing splendidly is the grass which surrounds the vines. If it had its way it would be waist high, but the humidity it produces is a danger for the grapes so I am busily hacking it down on what feels like a daily basis! The vines seem to be pretty demanding at the moment as I’m also spraying them with a copper solution to prevent disease. Which is labour intensive but paramount to healthy vines, I am assured!