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Sagre, Festas and Panigacci: July 14th

The heat continues and the Sagre and Festas (festivals and parties) are getting under way. Music and food and generally fun leisurely times everywhere. Festival food means something different over here, no overpriced chips and limp burgers, not even a mini doughnut in sight. The Italians, like with most areas of cuisine bring out the big guns at festival time. The finest offering in my opinion has to be panigacci; round unleavened bread baked between testo (metal plates) in stacks. Delicious with ricotta and pesto and very typical of the Ligurian coastline we live not far from.

Speaking of the coast we are hoping to take a trip to Levanto as soon as we think we can take a day off the incessant mowing and copper spraying of the garden. Keep an eye out for tips and places to eat in our day trips section on our return. Back in the garden everything continues to go at full force. Sadly that includes the deer, who this week have made off with half of the roses growing next to the pool and the bark of an entire olive tree!

Hot hot hot; July 2nd

It’s really getting scorching over here now. Which is lovely -growing up in England you learn quite quickly to make to the most of it if it’s not raining- and it’s making the garden steam ahead but it does make it trickier to keep up with it all. The grass is the main point of contention, it seems to grow as soon as my back is turned at a rate that feels insurmountable.  And after our strange bout of hail in June the oidio (mildew) problem is in full force with the vines needing natural sulphur copper solution regularly.

The vegetables however are having a great time. The aubergines are a particular triumph this year. We are making agrodolce, a traditional sweet (dolce) and sour (agro) sauce to preserve aubergines in jars with fennel. And beginning to lay out the logs to dry in preparation for the winter. Right now however the thought of a roaring log fire does not entice.