This weekend in La Spezia is ‘Museoland: The Museums of Children. The event, which is organised by the Institution of Cultural Services for La Spezia and the Cooperative Zoe, is designed to get kids interested in art and history using a series of interactive workshops and games across two museums, Museum Amedeo Lia and the Museum of the Castle of St Giorgio.

Tomorrow from 12-4pm at the Museo Amedeo Lia is the event ‘The game: A fun way to communicate’ where children will be challenged to find all the depictions of games that they can in sculpture and paintings on display and then a talk will be held about the symbolism and importance of play.

On Sunday, at the Museum of the Castle of St Giorgio, is a workshop in which children are encouraged to become ‘tomb detectives’ where they will investigate a skeleton found in 1889 and will be challenged to find out who the skeleton belonged to and what sort of life they led.

For more information or to book either workshop, email or