I spent last weekend merrily eating, drinking and dancing at Filattiera’s Festa Della Fame E Della Sete, or the Festival of Hunger and Thirst to you and me. It was incredible fun, with open air bars dotted around the beautiful historic center of Filattiera and food stalls in the square next to the castle. In the evening the square was cleared for a ballroom dancing lesson, in which my two left feet were even more obvious than usual as elegant couples with perfect timing waltzed around me.

At every turn, there were live music events and a huge mixture of people enjoying them. From classical orchestra’s to rock bands, Filattiera was filled with music and people dancing. Later in the evening there was even karaoke, strategically timed so that everyone was filled with enough delicious local wine to participate (I may or may not have sung a heartfelt if slightly off tune rendition of ‘The Eye of the Tiger…)