Last Sunday I got dragged somewhat reluctantly to the flea market in Pontremoli, known locally as La Soffitta sotto il Campanone or The Attic Under the Bell. I love food markets but I’m afraid that the same thing can’t be said for antique or flea markets. I’m not really a fan for the following reasons:

1. They smell funny.

2. They’re normally incredibly crowded and full of the sort of people that will happily trample you to death if they suspect that you might beat them to that antique tea set they’ve been eyeing up.

3. They’ve become fashionable and as with most things that have become fashionable, they have become expensive.

I’m happy to say though that although item number 1 on my list was heavily in evidence at The Attic Under the Bell, item numbers 2 and 3 were happily absent. Well, not completely absent, I did still get elbowed in the gut by woman who looked like she’d kill her own mother to possess the chair I was looking at. But militant antique collectors aside it was a good day.

The Attic under the bell takes place in the old town of Pontremoli, every first and third Sunday of the month.