Ants are taking up residence in the bee feeder on my hive. Whilst researching I found out that 400 years ago, Charles Butler listed the Enemies of bees as :

  • the mouse
  • the woodpecker
  • the Titmouse
  • the Swallow
  • the Hornet
  • the Wasp
  • the Moth
  • the snail
  • the Emet
  • the Spider
  • the Toad
  • the Frog
  • the Bee
  • the weather

Not so resilient eh?! Well I would add to that list the usual collection of Italian pests (fiena, boar, deer…), cack-handed Englishmen and ANTS. They are all over the place! As yet, I’m still to really find out what damage they are doing and therefore what threat they pose to the bees, but I’m sure they shouldn’t be helping themselves to the food!

Ants are causing havoc elsewhere in the garden too. Daily de-bugging ( ants, black/ green fly) the roses, blackberries and white beans. It’s not like they do anything useful like pollinate or something….stupid ants… *returns to googling “getting rid of ants” with grumpy face*