Villafranca is currently hosting the annual Mama Africa Meeting, a festival of African culture, which brings together workshops, live performances, film screenings, bars, food stalls and debates on contemporary African issues bought to you by forty different artists and teachers.

It started on the 28th of July, with a parade through the town and an evening celebration. The workshops on offer include African jazz dance, balafon music and African dance theater and the debates range from African economics to the experiences of African women.

I’m going to have to break out of tourism writer mode to tell you about the food. Oh my god, the food. There is nothing quite like eating delicious traditional African food (which has been cooked in front of you) under a tree on a sunny day. Amazing.

There’s room for all to camp, which adds to the festival feeling and amazing atmosphere of fun and learning bought together in setting full of people eating and dancing and debating.