I’m feeling a tinge of guilt this week. Whilst berating the chickens for attempting to massacre the strawberries last week, a worse massacre has befallen them. One of our hens was cruelly killed and Agatha (the only named chicken of the brood) seems to have had a heart attack and died perhaps in solidarity. It was a faina that did the damage in full day light!! Faina is the Italian word for a beech marten but having only come across these beasts in Italy I didn’t know the English word until i looked it up this morning in my worn out copy of Il Ragazzini/Biagi, an Italian dictionary. Its’ name is by-the-by however, it could be called Terry for all the good it would do Agatha and her friend. So “insomma”, its’s bad times at hen mansions.

Good times however for my vines as the fence is up. No vandals have made their way in yet. I even spotted a deer watching my dolefully from the edge of the woods next to the vineyard. England 1 – Italian Deer 0….so far.

I’ve also finished the wood chopping for the season, so defiantly making progress!