Chicks and ransacking: May 23rd

The chicks hatched! The eggs arrived safely, very carefully wrapped and yesterday the chicks make themselves known. Just as sweet as the tacky Easter cards would have you think, plus a bit sibling negotiation which I enjoy watching unfold. The brood are now happily ensconced in the run with an older hen who seems to be taking very well to parenthood.

In other chicken news, there was a small breakout last week. As you can imagine it was hens who are now proving to be less interested in parenthood that ransacked the vegetable garden! I’m just glad that the escape route wasn’t used as an entrance for predators. The veg are now recovering, thankfully no fatalities. The potatoes, white beans, garlic and onions seem to be rather resilient to the occasional hen ransackment.

Speaking of ransacking, we had our first wild boar spotting for a long time this morning. No damage as yet. I wait with baited breath…