As I’m at a loose end tonight and as the long list of comic accidents that have befallen me recently (you can read up on one of them here) seem to be abating, I thought I might go to “Who’s coming to dinner tonight?” a live culinary and theatrical event as Malaspina Castle.

Although the title is reminiscent of the panicky feeling you get when an unexpected (and usually unwelcome) guest has been invited to dinner last minute, the reality of the show sounds a lot more fun. Set in the rather lovely castle, the audience is invited to sit round a table with actors from the company The Garden of Words. The actors will reenact scenes of historical drama whilst the audience are served historically correct food from the century being reenacted.

The menu includes veal and wild boar soup all cooked onsite and served with local wines. Tickets cost €38 and include shuttle bus service to the castle at 7.30pm from Piazza della Rocca, dinner, wine and an optional late night tour of the castle after the performance. Tickets are almost sold but you can order them by phoning 0585240063.