As a Brit, I have learnt to take pleasure when the weather is good. And when I say good I mean not raining. But these past few days I have been challenged by the heat. 35 degrees is not something an Englishman is used to (even after having lived here for some years!) I can’t say I don’t enjoy it sometimes, but the joys of eating outside and not needing a jumper wear thin when you are sweating your guts up trying to mow the grass. It’s not just me who is suffering, the chickens are not happy. I have never really thought about how warm feathers might be, light and sometimes waterproof but warm?! Poor hens are doing there best at staying in the shade at all times. The same can’t be said for the chicks and ducklings who are far too excited about EVERYTHING to let a little sun get in the way of their explorations!