The main focus of the last few days has been to sort out the duck(lings) a pond. Digging in this heat feels like penance for something- seriously scorching. But the ducklings need some respite too so I continue to slog on. Otherwise I fear they may develop identity crises; very comfortably living alongside their chicken friends.

On the produce front the garden is doing me proud and I’m beginning to contemplate life as a farmer (half joking). We have peppers,  beetroot, tomatoes of various varieties, beans, courgettes, blackberries, carrots, potatoes and aubergines. With only two predators at-large; the beans are covered in black fly which I am painstakingly removing and the potatoes…well… I’m not actually sure who it is but they are being dug up in the night. Badgers perhaps…if I manage to fend them off though I think we’ll be on for a mega harvest, 300kg or more!