Christmas is over. The chain-saw was put to rest so the local church goers had some peace and I was able to give the back a well earned rest!

Thankfully due to the enhancements of satellite T.V. and the fact my Italian squad La Spezia are just down the road there were plenty of mini interruptions over the festive period. This ensured that the whole period is not spent sleeping in front of the log fire.  Ana not being a huge football fan was not looking forward to being dragged to matches but in the festive lead up I proved myself not safe to sit on the sofa. Turns out smoking a Partigas Series D4 (cigar for those uninitiated into this oldmanish/suave habit) whilst snoozing on the sofa has only one outcome- burnt stuff.

On the subject of football, apart from noting that my favourite team Newcastle lost to the Arsenal, Tottenham and the Mackems again there appears to be a strange craze going on in the Premier League haircut department. It’s been noted in the world at large that H5N1 can be passed from birds to humans but what is a new and more scary outbreak is the transfer of Premier League haircuts to my mates in the back garden!


Other scary news has been witnessed in Bruno’s house. Sadly he is having a period of living on his own but there is a limit as to what an 81 year old farmer should be doing. On a recent visit I caught him red handed with the hoover in one of his shovel sized paws! He told me that he felt quite at home with the new piece of technology, that’s new to him and not new in reference to the hoover which was quite clearly one of the first models to be released. I wasn’t completely convinced that the harmony would last; day 2 and a return visit saw my Mike Tyson-esque neighbour standing over his museum piece in tatters. Apparently, something had fallen off and he launched the remainder out of the dining room window onto the terrace. The antique has breathed its last. I’m glad, it was keeping him from the cellar!

Finally, on the decoration front, I think we were at risk of having planes landing in the back garden over the Christmas period. Ana, age 30 but somewhere closer to 5 during the Christmas, has with the help of additional power from our friends at Enel turned downstairs into every childs Christmas light dream! Be it flashing, twinkling, glittering or shimmering we have them all.

For those mad enough to follow us thank you. Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2015 brings you everything you want… except a Premier League hair-cut.