The fence is almost done! I’ve just got to finish some final joins and strengthening (in case of particularly persevering animals!) and then it’s complete! Chicken-proof! Deer-proof! Cinghiale-proof! Too optimistic?! Never.

In my haste to get the fences up I may have missed the PERFECT week to plant the potatoes. Well, assuming I am still attempting to plant by the moon… Never heard of it? Nor had I. Planting by the moon has been a long standing way of farming for many hundreds of years. The Italians being the Italians, following their favourite motto of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” have for the most part preserved this way of producing food. (Arguably there could be better mottoes when it comes to the running of political parties but no one’s complaining about their tomatoes!) 

The basic premise is that the moon affects plant life and you should use it’s powers to enhance your gardening. At it’s mildest, lunar gardening encourages you to plant things that grow underground (root veg etc) when the moon is waning and those which grow above ground when the moon is waxing. At it’s most extreme it details that there are 14 fruitful days a month according to the signs of the zodiac and nothing should be planted on a Sunday because it is deemed a barren day, too hot- the Sun’s day.

My sceptical (and forgiving) side is willing to believe that I haven’t missed the moment for potato planting. But, with Italy being known for it’s food and the surrounding farmers all taking planting by the moon quite seriously I am making it my priority to get digging!