The summer heat continues. While I may be struggling the plants are loving it! Veg is steaming a long and very excitingly the olives are in blossom and it looks like it will be a good crop this year. Sadly insect life doesn’t seem at all deterred by the heat and my daily ritual of removing them from everything seems to be a loosing battle.

Other wildlife are definitely around. The deer patrol the perimeter of the fence around the vines, ever hopeful that there might be a new gap that they can slip though. Occasionally they look like they might attempt to jump it but gladly not so far, that would be a nasty discovery- a deer stuck on the fence- because surely they couldn’t clear it. The boar are making themselves known too, we have heard them in the woods two nights in a row now. We are very much hoping it’s not a war cry or that an attack is imminent!